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RPG Offroad Brand Feature

RPG Offroad Brand Feature

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Raptor Performance Group, often called by their abbreviated moniker, RPG Offroad, is a company after our own heart. Built around offering performance suspension upgrades for the Ford F-150 Raptor off-road performance truck, our personal favorite and a vehicle that was a key inspiration for the founding of Offroad Alliance, they’ve quickly garnered a reputation for precision engineering that offers inspired solutions to getting more from the off-road performance model. As RPG says, they “live, breathe, and sleep engineering,” and their drivers can tell.

Optimizing Performance

The Ford Raptor is already built to go hard when the asphalt ends. High-performance doesn’t mean perfect, and that’s where the applied engineering of RPG Offroad’s specialists come in. Your suspension does a lot on the truck. It gives you control, carries your loads, takes the hit from big bumps, and softens the blow on you and your cargo when you come back down to the ground. Upgrading the already-premium suspension in the Raptor lets drivers push it harder with confidence that their truck can handle anything they throw at it. From there, it has been a natural expansion to other aftermarket upgrades centered on the issues Raptor owners address the most. 

Automating Quality

Improved engineering is great, but when it comes to modding off-road trucks and SUVs, execution matters. You have to be able to turn the on-paper improvements in performance into a premium part that delivers consistent results. That’s a tall order when you factor in recent supply chain and logistics issues for materials, and finding skilled craftspeople who can turn your designs into parts you can count on. Corey Kausch, RPG Offroad’s owner and lead engineer, isn’t afraid of innovation, so he decided to work smarter, not harder. 

Embracing the latest manufacturing technology, RPG uses modern CAD software to optimize plans, CHC machines for milling and cutting, and robotic welders to bring precision consistency to the production floor. The results are well-crafted parts that deliver predictable results when properly installed. That means clean cuts, neat welds, and grade 8 hardware that is as tough as they come. They also haven’t been afraid to proudly offer kits based on their own designs and bolstered by parts from other industry leaders where it’s justified, giving their customers a package deal on their path to a better suspension. They don’t just talk the talk when it comes to wanting you to have the best suspension possible. That’s extremely important in suspension components, where your reputation and the customer’s safety are literally riding on the strength and durability of your parts. 

Top RPG Offroad Parts

While they offer a range of parts, their flagship products are for upgrading the F-150 Raptor’s suspension. With the addition of the new Ram 1500 TRX, Bronco Raptor, and the Ranger Raptor on the horizon, expect RPG Offroad to continue making big waves with innovative parts designed to support the premium line.

RPG Adjustable Spring Perch Collar: 17+ Raptor

RPG Adjustable Spring Perch Collar: 17+ Raptor


Give your 2017+ truck more clearance for bigger adventures with a set of RPG Raptor Spring Perch Collars. Adjustable spring perches pre-load your coil springs,...… read more

Spring Perch Collars

We’ve talked about these little beauties before as one of the top three Ford Raptor Gen 2 mods. The usefulness of spring perch collars hasn’t changed when it comes to pre-loading your springs and improving your ride height, but RPG Adjustable Spring Perch Collars offer a more versatile design that supports both Gen 2 and Gen 3 Raptors. Made in America from the same material composition as your stock Fox shock bodies, they require no disassembly of the shock and will give you a lift of 1”-3.5” depending on where you set the collar.

RPG OFFROAD RPG Adjustable Spring Perch Collar: 17+ Raptor $395.00

Rear Suspension Kits

I think we can all agree your truck should flex its muscles, not its frame. Unfortunately, too many Raptor owners have come back from wheeling to find their beds tilted and more play than they would like in their truck’s rear end. RPG Offroad took the Raptor rear end back to the drawing board with a line of suspension kits meant to toughen up your truck to handle playing rough. Stage 1 starts with a rear frame support and gusset kit that adds strength to the frame to prevent flexion, which can result in permanent damage. Three times the thickness of the stock frame, it can be bolted even if the frame is bent, correcting the deviation and preventing further damage. Stage 2 adds 2.5” air bumps from either Fox or King, giving you better cushioning on full compression to avoid hard metal-on-metal hits.

RPG OFFROAD RPG BOLT Front Suspension Kit: F-150/Raptor $6,400.00

RPG BOLT Front Suspension Kit: F-150/Raptor

RPG BOLT Front Suspension Kit: F-150/Raptor


Get a tough-as-nails front suspension for your custom truck with the RPG BOLT Suspension Kit. This F-150 front suspension kit is engineered to improve the...… read more

Bolt-On Long Travel Front Suspension

Raptor owners love their jumps, but you have to grimace with every whoops, because not only is it giving your spine a beating but also your front-end. The Bolt-On Long Travel or BOLT Front Suspension Kit smoothes out your biggest bumps–intentional or otherwise. Inspired by racecar engineering, by improving the strength of components during production, balancing parts from themselves as well as premium spring and shock manufacturers, and fine-tuning the package for better travel, progression, and dampening, they’ve eliminated the weak spots in the Raptor’s front suspension and helped give their drivers a whole new level of fun to play with.

Gen 3 And Beyond

The newest Raptor generation is still fresh to the market, but RPG is already supporting it with spring perch collars, rear coil spacers to give you the lift you were used to with your Gen 2 leaf kits, and upper and lower links to make even the latest and greatest a little bit better. While we’re all anticipating the imminent release of the Bronco Raptor, RPG is ahead of the game with parts for the 2021+ Broncos, many of which are expected to have cross-compatibility with the performance submodel.

Why We Love Working With RPG Offroad

We may have mentioned our love for the Ford Raptor. More importantly, as a company that believes in old-school customer service and helping our customers push their off-road experiences to the limit, partnering with a company that shares these passions is always a rewarding experience. We’re proud to both offer RPG Offroad products in our installation centers and online, while also running them on our personal vehicles. They’re a great place to start your Raptor suspension customization. Order your RPG Offroad parts from Offroad Alliance today.

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