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Top Jeep Wrangler Mods & Accessories For Your New Jeep

Top Jeep Wrangler Mods & Accessories For Your New Jeep

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The hottest Jeep Wrangler mods improve not only your vehicle but also the experiences you can find when you get your Jeep off the road and into some fun. Wrangler accessories can improve your performance, upgrade your Jeep’s look, and have it ready to push your driving skills to the limit. One of the most popular vehicles on the market for off-road customization, there are Jeep accessories to help you trek farther, climb better, and attack the toughest obstacles in off-roading. We’re going to look at some of the leading aftermarket parts available and how they can help your Wrangler thrive when you get far off the beaten path.

The Icon

With a history that stretches back to its World War II military forerunner, it’s no wonder that the Wrangler garners such a strong and passionate fanbase. While it may not be the no-frills utility vehicle the line started as, the Wrangler still shares more than just a visual bloodline with its past, making it a flexible off-roading choice when you need a capable SUV that can take a beating and keep on wheeling. Your vehicle rolled off the factory line ready to go off-road, but Jeep Wrangler mods are designed to help focus on the kind of experience the driver is after. There are a wide range of Jeep accessories and parts available from the leading names in off-road performance.

There are so many upgrade options available, in fact, that it can be hard to decide what Jeep Wrangler accessories to spend your customization on. In a crowded marketplace, separating the wheat from the chaff can be difficult. While every part we sell is a high-quality component we’d be proud to run on our own vehicles, there are some basic Jeep Wrangler mods that every owner should consider early in the build process.

Souped-Up Suspension

You may think your Wrangler is ready as soon as you pull away from the dealer, but stock suspensions–even “off-road package” options–aren’t the same as aftermarket upgrades. After all, your Jeep is built and sold as a road vehicle that just happens to have a set of features that make it better off-road than some others. Your suspension is responsible for cushioning the big bumps and keeping your wheels on the ground where they can deliver power and control throughout your maneuvers. A beefier suspension both protects your expensive vehicle parts and gives you the tools you need to tackle tougher terrain.

Some of the best Jeep Wrangler suspension mods come from ICON Vehicle Systems. ICON’s dedication to precision engineering and quality parts is on full display with their 2.5” Stage 1 Suspension Kit. Built to provide a reliable entry-level performance system for those new to off-roading or just dipping their toe into customization, it includes everything you need to give your Jeep Wrangler a couple of extra inches of clearance to run bigger tires and take steeper angles of attack while improving both dampening and shock absorption. For those who want to take their Jeep Wrangler accessories even further, the Stage 8 version provides professional-grade suspension components that will have your Jeep ready for anything.

Have More Fun At Night

One place off-road drivers find an immediate need for upgrades is with their lighting. Road lights are great for pavement, whether it be city streets, long lonely highways, or even a country dirt or gravel road that gives you a straight path and a few bumps along the way. When you’re trying to traverse streams, climb rocks, or plow through the mud after dark, however, those street legal lights just don’t put out enough illumination where you need it. That’s why vehicles with Jeep Wrangler mods almost always feature plenty of aftermarket lights.

Long a part of the iconic off-road Jeep look, lights and bars are plentiful, but very few do it quite as well as Baja Designs. Baja has been delivering high-performance lighting for years, building its reputation as an industry stalwart while still pushing the design envelope to deliver innovative lighting systems. Light bars are always popular Jeep Wrangler mods that give you plenty of light and an immediately recognizable off-road appearance. You can also tailor your lighting to fit your off-road pursuits with LP6 light pods that offer you flexible choices for cornering, flood, spot, and driving coverage. 

Jeep Wrangler Rubicon with Baja Designs LP6 Light Pods installed

Body It

There are plenty of Jeep Wrangler mods that help you define your vehicle’s visual appeal, whether you want to keep it traditional, make it aggressive, or find your own sweet spot somewhere in between. We have the Jeep Wrangler Accessories that will make your off-road build look as good as it performs. 

Addictive Desert Designs is one of the top manufacturers for body upgrades, bumper to bumper. From their aggressive Stealth Bumper designs that improve your clearance with predatory lines and all-steel construction to custom doors that keep your off-roading cool and well-ventilated, their products are a masterclass in combining engineering and artistry with quality metalwork. They’ve been turning heads ever since they moved from custom metal fabrication to creating and offering their own lineup of Jeep Wrangler mods.

Another brand making waves with exterior Jeep Wrangler accessories is DV8 Offroad. While their designs alone would garner plenty of attention, their prices are making people take second and third looks at this upstart Jeep Wrangler mods manufacturer. From serious bumpers and sliders to light bar brackets and even upgraded fenders, they deliver wallet-friendly quality that looks and performs well off the road. We can all appreciate getting more bang for your buck.

Big Pulls

Warn Zeon 10-S Multi-Mount Kit for Jeep Wrangler

Even the biggest off-road beasts sometimes get themselves into a tight spot. When that happens, you need Jeep accessories that can help you get right back out of them. Recovery gear shouldn’t be an afterthought. By the time you need it, it’s too late to order it. One of the best choices you can make is to upgrade your new bumper with a winch that can help you pull yourself out of a jam, so you aren’t left waiting for help on the trail.

Warn is one of the top winch manufacturers on the market, and adding a Warn Zeon 10-S Multi-Mount Kit could be one of the best Jeep Wrangler mods for saving you time and money. Small but powerful, this kit gives you the basic equipment you need to add a powerful electric winch to your recovery loadout. Complete with Spydura rope and a rugged aluminum hawse fairlead, it offers an admirable 10,000-pound capacity to get you back on the trail again.

Get Down To Business

We’ve talked before about the need to air down your tires when you get off the road. Softer tires conform to the terrain for better traction and improved survivability over rocks, branches, and during bigger drops. It’s not just about the vehicle, however, as your own skills, comfort, and personal preferences come into play when finding the right PSI for your off-roading. The key to hitting that sweet spot is consistency. 

The ARB E-Z Digital Deflator is a handy Jeep Wrangler accessory that makes airing down easy and consistent. That means you can find the right pressure for your off-roading and get there fast every time. Once you’re done, the Portable Twin Air Compressor Kit helps you get ready to get back on the road, further preserving your tire life and helping keep you responsibly street legal. 

Is Your Wrangler Ready To Take You Further?

As avid off-roaders, we’re always ready to help others build better vehicles to take them farther off the beaten path. If you need more information about any products, want some help finding the right part for your build, or have an installation problem you need a pro to talk you through, give us a call. We have old-school customer service on standby days, nights, and weekends. Order your Jeep Wrangler mods from the pros at Offroad Alliance today.

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