Offroad Alliance - Tailgate Release Kit - 2017-2020 Raptor

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FITMENT: This kit ONLY works with 802A models with the electronic tailgate  


As we all know now, the remote tailgate is awesome. But its annoying not being able to "pop" the tailgate from inside the truck. This product was developed to provide a very simple kit to solve that problem. This kit allows you to use one of your upfitter switches as your tailgate release! Just a simple toggle back and forth and "POP", the tailgate drops!

This kit works by using the empty pin in the body control module harness that is set aside for a trunk release button in the Ford sedans. Ford vehicles share the same parts in most electrical instances, in the F150s case, this pin was left empty because we don't have trunks, but a tailgate. Once tapping into this pin on the body control module, we have the exact same concept of operation as the Ford sedans and their interior trunk release system use. This kit is designed to use your factory upfitter switch in lieu of the truck release button!

This modification behaves exactly as a trunk release button in a Ford sedan would. Meaning, it will not function while the Truck is moving. It will not function if the truck is not in accessory mode or turned on. The system cannot be damaged by leaving the upfitter in the on position either. Leaving the upfitter switch toggled on is the same as pressing and holding the trunk release button in a Ford sedan. Once the signal to open the trunk is sent no more power is sent to the actuator, all signals are ran through the BCM processors. This is a modification that operates as an OEM system would.


Q:Does this modification require permanent modification to my vehicle?

A: No. Zero factory wiring will need to be cut or spliced (aside from the upfitter switch wires)

Q: How long will this take to install?

A: Approx 30min. Less time for someone who is experienced with following simple instructions and the use of a wrench (haha).

Q: Will leaving the upfitter switch on cause damage? Or overload the tailgate actuator?

A: No. Absolutely not. By flipping the up fitter ONE single signal is sent to "pop" the tailgate, after this signal is sent no more power will be sent to the tailgate.

Q: Will this modification work while the vehicle is in motion? While the vehicle is powered off?

A: No. This modification will only work when the ignition is in the ACC/ON/RUN position and the vehicle is not moving faster than 1MPH, regardless of gear selected.


  • All required wiring and relay. Everything is prewired and labeled for ease of installation.
  • Wire ties and heat shrink tubing to insulate and secure splices.
  • This kit requires ZERO cuts or splicing into factory wire harnesses and takes less than 30 minutes with basic tools to install. (Connecting to upfitter switch wires is required)


California Residents: Prop 65 WARNING: This product MAY contain chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. Wash hands after handling. For more information, visit

California Residents: CARB WARNING: will not ship any products that are not CARB approved to California. This only affects CARB related products such that affect car performance and emissions where CARB approval is required.

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Awesome product, delivered earlier than expected.

Highly recommended

Nice product with a real simple installation.

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