Wagner Tuning 200001119 - Intercooler Kit - 2017-2020 Raptor


Intercooler Kit

Fitment: 2017+ Raptor 3.5L H.O.

Increased Cooling, Lower Temps and More Power!

Wagner's Intercooler Kit for the second generation Ford Raptor provides the already beastly truck with a significantly increased cooling capability to ensure lower IAT's and a bump in power! With increased cooling abilities, your truck is able to take horsepower to the next level and maintain it. This Wagner Intercooler provides a 62% larger surface area the OEM intercooler. If features highly efficient end tanks and core which work in conjunction to reduce heat soak while ensureing increased power.  The Wagner Intercooler is designed as an OEM replacement intercooler. Installation is easy and mounts to the same points as the OEM intercooler without any modifications required. This is a replacement intercooler that doesn't require an aftermarket tune or modification. It doesn't get any easier than this!

Built with Efficiency and Cooling Tube-Fin Aluminum Intercooler with Highly Efficient Cast Aluminum End Tanks

Wagner created an intercooler with the core concept of maximizing your truck's cooling abilities and ensuring the maximum power possible. Careful consideration was built in to ensure no harm would come to the motor, electronics or any other part of the Raptor. These CAD designed tube fin aluminum intercoolers feature extremely efficient cast aluminum end tanks for maximum flow and optimized cooling while allowing a 50% reduction in back pressure.

Each Wagner intercooler comes with all installation hardware that is required for this to be easily installed. Each intercooler comes with mounting hardware, mounting support bracket, new charge pipe adapters, oil cooler relocation hardware and fan shroud bracket.

Intercooler Upgrade Kit for Ford F150 Raptor 3.5l Ecoboost with 10Speed
automatic gearbox.

The High Performance Intercooler has the following core size (500mm x 388mm x 125mm/stepped) / (19.69" x 15.28" x 4.92"/stepped), providing a 62% larger face area, as well as 108% more volume compared to the original intercooler.

Optimized by CAD, the new Competition High Speed Core and cast aluminium endtanks give this intercooler excellent cooling properties. Flow analyses and simulations were created to optimise the design. With 50% less back pressure this intercooler is the best choice when it comes to performance gains and low intake temperatures.

Fitment is easy, replacing the OEM intercooler. The Intercooler Kit includes additional mounting material to relocate the stock oil cooler and adapt the stock fan frame. All of our products undergo rigorous quality control.


  • Cooling Surface 120.000² mm / 186² in

  • Charge-Air-Volume 9,6 L


  • Cooling Surface 194.000² mm / 300,7² in

  • Charge-Air-Volume 19,9 L / 1214.37³ in


  • Weight: 48.49 lbs

  • Dimensional weight: 85.96 cm³/lbs

  • Dimensions: 49" x  12" x 23"

  • Part No.: 200001119


  • (1) Intercooler

  • (1) Silicone hose

  • (1) Mounting material

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