Ken and Gene Neal are brothers--best friends--and they are exactly different in all the right ways. Each brother has a unique skill set that dovetails together. This has been very beneficial to the growth and stability of Neal Technologies, Inc., the corporation that owns

Ken is a hands-on kind of guy. Very early in his life, it was apparent that he would be working with his hands. Throughout his school years he excelled in the industrial arts of welding and automotive. While his friends were out pursuing sports or girls, Ken could be found in his father's workshop rebuilding engines, fabricating some new inventions and making a general overall mess. After high school, Ken attended DeVry University and received an education in electronics. Ken's natural gift for all things mechanical - coupled with a general understanding of electronics - gave him an advantage in his career as an automotive technician. At age 23, Ken became an ASE certified Master Automotive Technician.

Not satisfied with being an automotive technician, Ken stepped out on his own and in 1992 started Elite Mobile Diagnostics (EMD). Ken, through EMD, brought his highly refined technical skills in automotive drivability and electrical diagnostics to independent automotive repair facilities. Over the next decade, Ken continued honing his skills and mastering his trade. During this period, Ken also became heavily involved in motorsports. He has worked for/with several professional racing teams and is currently one of the primary team members of the Desert Assassins, a professional top-tier off-road racing team. Today, Ken is an ASE certified Master Technician in both Automotive and Heavy Trucks and is an ASE Advanced Level Specialist in Automobile Advanced Engine Performance and Electronic Diesel Engine Diagnosis.

Gene chose a different path than his older brother. As early as 3rd grade, it was clear Gene's skills were in management, sales and marketing. While in high school, Gene was awarded the Junior Achiever of the Year award and accompanying scholarship. Gene also earned his Eagle Scout rank in Boy Scouts. In 1993, Gene graduated from The University of Arizona with a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering and worked as such for nearly a decade after graduation. Realizing that his entrepreneurial dreams would never be fulfilled in that career, Gene returned to school and earned his Masters in Business Management and in Information Management from Arizona State University.

After Gene's graduation, Ken presented him with a job offer. The two brothers joined forces in 2002 with Gene becoming a full partner in Elite Mobile Diagnostics, Inc. In 2005 Ken and Gene created Neal Technologies Inc. to develop and bring to market automotive related products. Ken's out of the box thought process coupled with Gene's formal education bring the best of both to product design and development. Through hard work and a commitment to develop quality products and deliver top customer service, Neal Technologies Inc. has been able to grow even in difficult times.

Even with the continuing success of Ken and Gene Neal's business endeavors, the Brothers Neal never lost sight of where they came from or the people, communities, and role models that helped guide them through the years. Through their corporations, Ken and Gene donate a large portion of their earnings back to the community with charitable contributions and educational scholarships.

For this combination of generous giving, development of great products and involvement with the off-road industry, Ken and Gene were recognized by Off-Road Magazine and given the prestigious 2012 Off-Road Magazine's (Co-People) Person of the Year Award.