Geiser Off-Road

Geiser Off-Road manufactures progressive springs that are an ideal compromise between a spring stiff enough to do the work duty required and one soft enough to suck up the bumps of a rough road. Progressive springs have unequal distance between each coil throughout the length of the spring. The spring rate will change progressively with the compression of the spring. This allows a single spring to have different spring rates.

Geiser Off-Road progressive spring benefits:

  • Handle heavier loads without bottoming out.
  • Increased resistance which improves stability.
  • Smoother ride under normal driving conditions.
  • Less wear and tear on your truck’s suspension components.
  • Improve towing capabilities by reducing sag in the rear of the truck.
  • Easy installation. Convenient and easy to install upgrade for truck owners.

Raptor and RAM TRX Progressive Springs

The Ford Raptor and the RAM TRX represent the pinnacle of high-performance off-road pickup trucks, each boasting formidable power and capabilities. The Raptor offers a blend of power, efficiency, and off-road prowess. On the other hand, the RAM TRX is a beast with a 702-horsepower 6.2L Supercharged V8 engine.

Geiser has progressive spring kits to increase your travel and get a better ride in your Ford Raptor or RAM TRX.