Carlo's 2019 Raptor

Carlo came to us with the intention of making his 2019 Raptor an adventure vehicle, highly capable off road with storage and modularity allowing the vehicle to be used as a daily driver as well. With the RSI SmartCap turning the bed into a waterproof environment coupled with Builtright panels inside the bed, this customer was able to get all his gear stored on the sides of the bed and still have full functionality of the bed space for daily usage. His Pro Eagle Offroad jack was mounted at the front of the bed tucked out of the way, the Krazy Beaver Offroad shovel is mounted to the Builtright bedside panel at the back of the bed for quick access through the RSI SmartCap window or the tailgate. With the added weight of what he will be carrying, we lifted the truck and added Icon Vehicle Dynamics full leaf pack as a stage 2 for the specific weight this customer will be carrying. The front was lifted with Geiser Springs progressive coil springs to give a perfect level stance and optimal ride quality for daily use. For lighting this customer chose to use the Offroad Alliance universal triple light kit and used Baja Designs Squadron Pro Series Squadrons and S2’s. This kit gives him the ability to light up the road in any and all-weather conditions and were wired to fords factory AUX switches for easy toggling.