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2022 Camping Equipment Guide

2022 Camping Equipment Guide

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Getting the right camping equipment for your off-road kit makes getting away from it all just a bit easier. Whether you’re planning a weekend by the lake or an extended overland trek to leave the office behind for a few weeks, you want to be as prepared as possible for anything Mother Nature throws at you, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be comfortable. Elite gear, like rooftop tents and a modular outdoor kitchen, means your home-away-from-home can be wherever you put the truck or SUV in park for the night. Camping equipment has come a long way from the old pup-tent and ashy marshmallow experience, and 2022 offers the off-road camper more options than ever. 

Camping Elevated

Sleeping under the stars can be more than just a hobby. For some, it’s a passionate way of life. Your camping equipment should not only meet your base needs but help you push your experience beyond them. Camping isn’t something to endure, but rather to enjoy. Modern camp gear still gives you the starry skies, frosted breath in the brisk morning air, and opportunities to connect with friends and the world around you without the always-on distractions of our world while making those moments more accessible, convenient, comfortable, and safe.

That doesn’t mean you can’t play rough! For every off-road camper who goes out to find peace and tranquility, there’s one that is ready to get away from their pack and howl with the wolves in the wild. Your gear needs to be rugged and ready. Top-tier camping equipment isn’t just made for comfort but also to help you go a little wild when the mood strikes. So tighten those boot laces, grab your pack, and let’s get down to business.

iKamper 2.0 rooftop tent

Level-Up Your Bedding Down

When it’s cold, rainy, and you’ve spent the day digging out of the mud, you want a warm, dry place to lay your head. Rooftop tents make a great addition to your camping equipment because they offer space, a great view, and a stable platform without that one root you didn’t see poking you in the back all night. Carried on your truck or SUV’s roof-rack, they leave your cargo and passenger areas clear for other gear and eliminate or reduce the need for stake-pounding, rope-tensioning, or knot-tying, meaning you can trek right up until the sun goes down without risking your thumbs and fingers to putting up a tent in the fading light. 

The iKamper 2.0 is one of the best-engineered tents on the market. Designed after a cross-country family trip in shelters that just weren’t up to snuff, crowdfunded by off-road campers who wanted more, and refined by experience, its rooftop camping distilled down to an art form. The durable hardshell can take a beating on the trail, then sets up in one minute, with insulated poly-cotton walls, a honeycomb aluminum floor that offers stability, and a king-size bed suitable for three adults or two adults and two children. The blackout canvas of the tent is perfect for sleeping in when the morning comes a bit too early, but there are plenty of windows you can open for a great view of the stars on clear nights.

portable power station being used in the back of a pickup truck

Power Your Paradise

You don’t have to give up all your creature comforts out in the wild. Especially when you’re planning an extended trip, you want your camping equipment to provide light, warmth, entertainment, relaxation, and communication. This takes power–and the more you want to do with your home base, the more power you’re going to need.

The Goal Zero Yeti 3000X gives you a great balance of on-the-go power and bank-account-friendly pricing. Goal Zero has set the bar when it comes to mobile power stations, with a range of products to suit everyone from backpackers to the glamping crowd. While the 3000X isn’t their biggest unit, the hefty 3032 watt-hour capacity that powers a 2000 watt AC inverter means you still have a considerable amount of juice to keep the overnight party going. It can easily be recharged through a standard household outlet using the included power supply, via your vehicle’s 12v port, or using a solar panel to capture free energy from the sun. If a larger or smaller power supply is right for your kit, we’ve got you covered.

dual zone fridge/freezer for overlanding

Keeping Your Cool

After a long day, there’s nothing like a cold drink and some safely stored food ready for a modular outdoor kitchen. Refrigeration camping equipment gives you the cool storage you need for beverages, meats, dairy, and even medications. These modern mobile fridges are designed with tight seals, plenty of space, energy-efficient components that make the most of your power station, and they help you avoid the slush-soup that ends up at the bottom of traditional ice chests when packaging gets soggy or starts to leak.

The ARB 101-Quart Zero dual-zone fridge/freezer is perfect for extended get-aways in your rooftop tent without needing to run to town for more supplies. The outer casing is made from rugged steel to stand up to the bumps and bangs of a cross-country trip, meanwhile, the efficient design and multiple power inlet positions make customizing your installation and maximizing your range easy. Each cooling zone is independently controlled, offering you full flexibility with your temperature-controlled storage. This spacious unit gives you plenty of room to keep cold items cold, frozen items solid, and your off-road trek off the beaten path.

iKamper Disco

Turn Up The Heat

Kids want a little campfire with hotdogs and s’mores. When you need a real meal after playing hard, you want food and you want it now. A modular outdoor kitchen is fast becoming a must-have piece of camping equipment. Modern off-road kitchens don’t rely on rickety table-top stoves and questionable cookware, they’re solid, efficient, and take up less space than ever.

The iKamper Disco will be bringing Southwest-inspired cooking to a truck or SUV near you. Set up the tripod, stove, and heavy-duty skillet, and you’ll be ready to turn out discada, steak and eggs, or any other meal that catches your fancy. That doesn’t mean you’re limited to one configuration, however, as the Disco’s modular design defies the ho-hum of routine. The cooking stove can work independently, resting on any flat surface, with any cookware you want to pack along. The skillet transitions easily to other cooking appliances or wood fires, and the tripod serves ably as a set of cook irons over a campfire or other burner stove. The quick-adjust legs make set-up easy, and the Disco table keeps the items you need to prepare a meal close at hand. We’re excited to be adding this high-demand product to our inventory in the near future!

Find Your Freedom

Get out of the rat race for a while and into the wild with camping equipment that upgrades your off-road adventures. Whether you need a rooftop tent or modular outdoor kitchen, you know we’ve got the leading products from the top off-road manufacturers and we back them with old-school customer service from pros who are as passionate about their trucks as you are. If you need more information or help with any products, give us a call, days, nights, or weekends. Get off-road and into a fun camping adventure with Offroad Alliance today.

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