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Top 5 Must-Have Off-Road Upgrades

Top 5 Must-Have Off-Road Upgrades

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Off-road upgrades help you customize your truck and elevate your off-road experience. While your pickup or SUV was pretty sweet when it rolled off the assembly line, you want more from it. You need more from it. Truck mods not only help you push your truck and your driving skills to the limit—they also help you extend that limit out for bigger and better adventures when the asphalt ends. We’ve been down and dirty in the mud and above it all after climbing our truck up some pretty steep rocks, so our customers trust us to help them find the best parts and accessories to turn their vehicles into an off-road beast.

Building The Right Truck For The Job

When it comes to off-road upgrades, it takes a lot to qualify as must-have off-road gear. You’re looking for utility, durability, and reliability that give your vehicle the right look and the right functionality–whether you’re just hitting an off-roading event for a weekend or you’re planning on disappearing from civilization for a few weeks at a time. With so many ways to experience the outdoors with your vehicle, however, there isn’t a set build to excellence. Instead, the right parts are going to be based on what your truck needs to help you do what you want to do.

We’ve partnered with some of the biggest brands in off-roading to bring you a wide selection of parts and accessories that we don’t just sell but also run on our own trucks. This offers you a range of off-road upgrades that has something for every off-road lifestyle–in-stock and ready to go from one of our US-based warehouses. While every ride is unique, there are some truck mods that find their way naturally into off-road adventures.

No Easy Rides Here

We’ve already covered some of the off-road upgrades for beginners, so we’re going to assume you’re running the right tires, have your truck-to-truck communication figured out, and built out a recovery kit in case things go sideways. You’ve been bit by the off-roading bug, the hooks are in deep, and now you’re looking for the next truck mods in your off-road evolution.

SmartCap truck bed cap installed on an F-150

Cap Off Your Bed In Style

Your truck bed can do so much more than bounce around a couple of gear bags. Whether you need a more protected cargo space, a dry place to sleep for the night, or an organized storage system that makes pushing your boundaries off-road easier, a good cap will help you out. Far from the fiberglass shells that used to sit atop your uncle’s old rattle-trap, these canopies are made to take on anything that crosses your path, making them must-have off-road gear.

One of the best caps on the market is the SmartCap line of off-roading caps. Built for a custom fit on some of the most popular off-roading trucks in the sport, these off-road upgrades are designed to help your truck do more. From organized storage bins to reach-through convenience, they’re tough, durable, and look good on or off the road. There’s even a full kitchen model for home-cooked comfort on your group’s next overlanding trek.

Rack ‘Em Up

BuiltRight Ford Raptor bedside rack system installed

We’re going to stay with your truck bed for a moment because it takes up a significant portion of your truck’s footprint, but too many drivers don’t do anything more than treat it like a giant closet that everything just gets thrown in. That’s how you end up on the side of a trail, unpacking your entire vehicle to get to the one piece of gear you need right now. Bed storage racks, extenders, and systems give you a place for everything so everything can stay in its place.

Rack systems, like those from BuiltRight, work with or without a cap to keep you organized. Once installed, you can configure these truck mods to fit your needs without taking up all your cargo space. That means you’ll still have plenty of room for your gear, while your truck’s gear stays safely secured out of the way, right where you can get to it when needed.

Be Bullish On Adventure

 Addictive Desert Designs winch front bumper installed on an F-150

Whether you like climbing rocks, ripping through mud, or seeing where the roughest trails take you, your front end needs protection. Brush guards, grille guards, and bull bars give a front end that can take a beating without beating up the expensive parts in your engine compartment. They’re important in their own right, but they can do more than just sit there waiting to take a punch.

Guards and bars give you great mounting points for exterior off-road upgrades. Sometimes you need more light than your stock lamps provide or a hefty winch to get you out of a tight spot. Your bumpers and bars can help you add extra functionality you need to your vehicle and fine-tune the look of your customized off-road vehicle.

Reach A Higher Level Of Off-Roading

Black Lifted Chevy Silverado

Raising your vehicle is an off-road upgrade that doesn’t just improve your truck’s abilities but also gives it a more aggressive look. While both are designed to help you run larger tires, there is a distinct difference in the two. Leveling raises the front to bring it in line with the often-higher rear of the vehicle, which not only lets you run bigger rubber, but leaves your vehicle set for utility, towing, or having some fun when the road runs out.

Lifting, however, raises the whole vehicle. If you like deep mud, plan on traveling over the roughest terrain you can find, or just want to rise above it all, a good lift kit will get it done. We have a range of heights for the most popular off-roading trucks and SUVs out there, so you can find the right height for your build.

Loud And Proud

You spent a lot of time and money tweaking the front end of your ride, don’t let the back end blow it all away. Exhaust systems are a frequently forgotten off-road upgrade. Your motor needs the right amount of exhaust flow to give you peak power. Too much back pressure and you’re choking your engine. Beyond functionality, however, a custom exhaust helps finish out the look of your custom build.

Stock exhausts are meant for the highway, and they’re usually meant to hide under the vehicle where they’re never seen until a mechanic changes them out eventually. Off-road exhausts are built for having fun, being loud, and looking good because that big lift kit puts those tips right at eye-level for a Prius. You’re living the off-road lifestyle–choose your truck mods to own it.

What’s Your Must-Have Off-Road Gear?

Off-roading tends to teach you exactly what you still need to push further. While these are all great places to keep upgrading your off-road vehicle, make sure you’re building out your beast to suit your lifestyle. If you need help finding the right parts for your build or have installation questions, contact us. We have an experienced pro waiting by the phone anytime you need us. Order truck mods backed by old-school customer service from Offroad Alliance today.

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