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SmartCap Steps Up With the New Bed Replacement System You’ll Need

SmartCap Steps Up With the New Bed Replacement System You’ll Need

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RSI SmartCap is already a force when it comes to covering your off-road truck’s bed. The EVO line of caps sets the bar for canopy performance on the bed of pickup trucks everywhere, but their latest product goes a step farther by asking a simple question: Shouldn’t your bed do more than just hang out back there? The SmartCap Bed Replacement System is their answer, and it is an emphatic one.

The Features You Love…

SmartCap is a favorite of off-roaders because their canopies are “forged in Africa” to stand up to the rugged desert environments of the South African desert while being engineered to meet the demands of a modern off-roading and overlanding community that needs cargo organization, plenty of space, and added utility to meet the evolving needs off the road. The EVO family of caps uses vehicle-grade steel, modular design, and a wealth of aftermarket add-ons, bins, racks, and storage systems to deliver a flexible canopy that is as tough as they come.

…Elevated To The Next Level

That user-driven engineering is on full display with the addition of the Bed Replacement System to the family. The SmartCap lineage and genetics are still there, from the stainless steel construction to the modular design philosophy, but they’ve been applied beyond the canopy to reimagining the truck bed itself. To complete the circle, that inspiration then led SmartCap’s engineers to revisit the idea of what a canopy for this newer, upgraded truck bed would look like. The results, in our opinion, are phenomenal.

Flat and Fabulous

The first stage of the SmartCap Bed Replacement System is a flatbed design that is about as far from bobtailing it as you can get. Designed with a sturdy headache rack and plenty of tie-downs for cargo securement, the resemblance to a conventional flatbed ends there. Lurking beneath the sharp, minimalist exterior, you’ll find the engineering that helped tame the South African wild.

The foundation of the bed system, the flatbed, serves as the foundation of the Bed Replacement System. Beneath the flat plane of the bed hides a full-length cargo drawer, accessible from the truck’s rear, that keeps your gear secured but slides out easily to provide full access. Located behind each tire, locking cargo doors give you usable space to store equipment and road accessories. Around the perimeter of the bed, sturdy tie-downs give you plenty of choices when securing larger or longer items, and the integral headache rack gives your cab more protection and provides additional cargo organization locations for MOLLE panels or brackets. 

Drop The Sides, Not Your Cargo

Flatbeds can be awesome, but sometimes you need your bed to have walls, and the modular drop sides give you that flexibility. Whether you need to haul equipment, pick up some building materials, or have a heck of a grocery list, they give you the flexibility to get the job done without breaking your back lifting over standard truck bed walls. They securely attach to the flatbed foundation of the bed replacement system, flip-down for easier loading and unloading, then lock into place in seconds for the full pickup truck experience. You still have full access to your storage drawers and compartments, making it a convenient add-on whenever the need arises without having to reorganize your space.

Living Life To The XL

Finally, the SmartCap XL offers the perfect canopy to top your bed replacement system. Offering a massive 74 cubic feet of space, it's water-resistant and dustproof when sealed to give you a comfortable camping experience, dry gear storage, or whatever else you need on the trail. A positive pressure air vent keeps it insulated, and two large gull-wing sides offer complete access to the interior of this monster. Universal brackets on the back make mounting jerry cans, spares, or gear easy, and the roof readily accepts load bars to carry more gear or your rooftop tent. Built on the same modular principles as the rest of the SmartCap line, it takes one person less than a half-hour to go from an organized flatbed to a fully locked and loaded canopied off-road beast. 

Engineered For A Custom Experience

All of SmartCap’s products share the engineering and production standards necessary to build aftermarket truck accessories that can withstand heavy use in an inhospitable and still-wild region of the world while giving their users a level of utility and comfort no one else can deliver. Made to your vehicle manufacturer’s fitment specifications, they give the vehicles they’re installed on a “finished” appearance and feel.

SmartCap stands behind the parts and workmanship on the entire Bed Replacement System with a three-year warranty, protecting your investment with the kind of old-school customer service and support we can respect. With tight seals, perfectly matched design elements, and the same vehicle-quality steel paneling your truck is made from, you can count on a long service life that is adaptable to your off-roading needs.

Build Your Best Back-End

We’re proud to be one of RSI SmartCap’s exclusive distributors in the United States because our customers deserve the best for their vehicles, and the SmartCap Bed Replacement System easily falls into that category. This new product is just hitting the market, and the best way to get accurate pricing is to request a quote online or call and talk to one of our off-road parts pros. We have someone standing by during the day, overnight, or on the weekend to make sure you have the help you need to find the right parts for your build. Take your truck to the next level with a SmartCap Bed Replacement System from Offroad Alliance today.

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