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Easy DIY Off-Road Vehicle Upgrades To Improve Your Experience

Easy DIY Off-Road Vehicle Upgrades To Improve Your Experience

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DIY off-road mods are an easy way to get started on your off-road truck or SUV customization and they can provide some great finishing touches to a build that just needs a few tweaks to be finished. Sure, off-road upgrades like lift kits, winches, and rooftop tents get all the attention, but the devil is in the details. When you skip over the details, that can make your life a living h– hassle. These DIY projects are great ways to kill a few hours on the weekend, the perfect excuse to have a few buds over for a “garage day”, or just a fun and easy way to really help your truck or SUV become even more uniquely tailored to your needs.

Easy Doesn’t Mean Unimportant

There’s nothing wrong with turning a wrench. If you’re down to do your entire lift kit install, more power to you, but there are plenty of off-roaders who would rather have a pro tackle the big jobs but want to put their own sweat equity into building out their custom ride. Still, others just don’t have the budget for the big mods. DIY off-road projects are the perfect place to start for the budget conscious and those unfamiliar with the technical aspects of vehicle customization while still being a vital part of building the ultimate off-road machine for even the most talented grease monkeys. They’re truly everyman off-road upgrades.

Jeep Gladiator with custom graphics and aftermarket off-road parts installed

Interesting Interiors Mods

The inside of your vehicle is all about you, the driver. An interior with DIY off-road customizations improves your off-road experience by improving the driver’s life behind the wheel. The great part about these off-road DIY upgrades is that, in most cases, no tools are needed for great results.

  • Floorliners - The small carpet swathes included with your vehicle when it left the factory really don’t do much for the dust, mud, and debris you’re going to track in on the trail. Floor liners and mats from serious off-road manufacturers like Husky Liners and WeatherTech will keep your interior cleaner by isolating dirt and mud while also protecting it from element-related damage.

  • Seat Covers - Seat Covers are a great upgrade that protects your upholstery, preserving your vehicle’s value and preventing those rips and tears that leave you trailing foam pieces down the highway. Input your make and model information at the top of the page, and we’ll help you find covers that slip over your model’s seats.

  • Cargo Organizers - We talk about storage optimization a lot. That’s because we’ve all been stuck on the trail trying to find the one piece of equipment we need somewhere in the truck bed or behind the seat. A good cargo organizer keeps all your gear secured in its place, protecting your investment. Even organizers as small as a velcro tech panel from Built Right Industries can keep your important equipment close at hand while you focus on driving.

Efficient Exterior Upgrades

The outside of your vehicle offers lots of DIY off-road upgrade opportunities. Whether it’s for performance, appearance, or a mix of the two, your exterior customizations can help you elevate your off-roading. While these take a little more work than our interior suggestions, they can be on the truck so you can get out of the garage in just a few short hours.

  • Mud Flaps - Off-road mud flaps help direct mud and debris as it’s kicked up by your wheels, protecting your trucks, other vehicles, and bystanders from debris. Whether you need a new set of flaps because yours were damaged, came up missing after a run, or you just want a better look, they’re a great way to add a DIY off-road flair to your vehicle.

  • Antenna - Whip antennas get damaged, and universal stubby antennas never look right on an otherwise custom off-road vehicle. BuiltRight’s Perfect Fit Stubby antenna gives you a tight, finished look that keeps out of the way of low hanging branches and is less noticeable to thieves scouring for stock antennas to replace their own.

  • Fender Flares - Custom fender flares give you more coverage for oversized tires or wheel spacers. This can help keep your vehicle compliant with traffic laws while still letting you customize it for better traction and performance off the road. Find a flare that fits your vehicle and creates the lines you want for a more aggressive stance.

  • Spare Tire Mount - Your vehicle has a spare tire already, but for off-roading that puts your wheels through the wringer, adding a DIY off-road spare tire mount makes sure you’re ready when the trail gets tougher than expected. Whether you want to add one to your truck bed chase rack, a body mount carrier, or a carrier strap that gives you an easily accessible, lightweight solution.

Leveling Up Off The Road

Some of the most important DIY off-road upgrades you can do will never get installed on your truck. They’re the gear and equipment that you use to push your driving, wheeling, and traversing skills to their limit. Before you head out on your next run, make sure you have the tools you’ll need to conquer the obstacles in your path.

  • Air Down Tools - When you get off the road, airing down your tires helps increase the surface area in contact with the ground, providing better traction. You’ve probably seen old-timers confidently guesstimate the right level of deflation, but an ARB E-Z Deflator gives you reliable results and complete control to ensure you don’t take things too soft for comfort.

  • Pro Eagle Kratos Jack - Big trucks need a big jack on the trail. The Pro Eagle Kratos 3-ton Jack gives you the lift you need to change tires, add some material under a tire to wheel out, and handle off-road repairs safely. Don’t forget a cradle or mount to keep it safely stowed and ready when you need it.

  • Recovery Kit - If you off-road long enough, you’ll learn first-hand how important having the right tools to help recover your own vehicle or another driver’s vehicle. Adding a recovery kit is a DIY off-road tip that will pay for itself. Find the right kit that gives you the basic tools you’ll need to get back on the trail again.

Don’t DIY Alone

Just because we’re talking about DIY off-road upgrades, it doesn’t mean you don’t have support. We stand behind our products with old-school customer service that has an experienced pro ready to answer your call anytime. Whether you need more information about a product during the day, install help at night, or want someone to point you in the right direction on a weekend, there’s an expert here for you. Order your DIY off-road mods from Offroad Alliance today.

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