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Aftermarket Upgrades For Your Ford Bronco

Aftermarket Upgrades For Your Ford Bronco

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Like most of you who own off-road trucks and SUVs, we were salivating at the re-release of the Ford Bronco and the aftermarket parts we knew would soon follow. Sure enough, Ford Bronco upgrades have taken off as drivers not only look to get the most from the latest incarnation of the iconic SUV but also the new performance version, the Ford Bronco Raptor. So far, they have not disappointed, delivering good performance, an undeniably “Bronco” appearance, and the features you’d expect from a modern automotive masterpiece. That doesn’t mean it can’t be improved upon or customized to fit its owner's needs. 

The Return Of A Legend

When Ford announced the return of the Bronco nameplate after a 25-year absence, we all got a little nostalgic. For most of us, the Bronco was an iconic part of our childhood, running alongside Wranglers, Jimmys, and Blazers around town and off the road. The first looks didn’t disappoint, and as the first reviews rolled in for the body-on-frame design, what it could do with Ford Bronco aftermarket parts that would push it to the limit became a dream goal for a lot of off-roaders. If this is you and you’re wondering where to start building on your dream machine, we’ve got you covered.

Yellow Ford Bronco with aftermarket off-road modifications

Getting Your Custom Bronco Started

There are plenty of different ways to off-road, and a Ford Bronco with upgrades is a great platform to use for most of them. Whatever your driving level, off-road preferences, or budget, there is gear, equipment, and accessories being produced by dependable brands to tailor your truck for a better off-road experience. While there is no single “right” Bronco build, there are some really good starter mods you can make with Ford Bronco aftermarket parts that help you step up your off-roading game.

Putting Some Bounce In Your Bronco

The suspension on an off-road vehicle is one of the most important systems on the vehicle and one of the first places you want to focus your attention. Whatever your flavor of adventure, when you get off paved roadways, you’re lining your vehicle up for bumps, jostles, drops, and whoops that city drivers rarely have to worry about. Through all the bangs and bumps, your suspension works to hold the vehicle up, keep the wheels down, and make sure you stay in control all the way through. It also plays a role in the size of wheels you can run, how you enter obstacles, and the likelihood of your vehicle being damaged by itself as the suspension travels and returns. 

ICON Vehicle Dynamics Ford Bronco with Stage 8 suspension kit installed

ICON Vehicle Dynamics was already a leader in off-road suspensions, and they’ve shown up for the Ford Bronco aftermarket parts crowd in a big way. Along with individual premium parts to give your stock Bronco more reliability, they offer Ford Bronco upgrade kits that offer significant suspension improvement along with a 2”-3” lift. From a Stage 1 kit for the budget-conscious off-roader to a Stage 8 kit with on-the-fly shock tuning that gets you ready for competition-level performance, there's a fit that is perfect for drivers of any level.

Secure The Bag…And The Cooler, Recovery Kit, And Everything Else

Storage and organization are important when you get off the road, whether you’re talking truck bed storage solutions or aftermarket parts on your Ford Bronco. You’ve invested a lot of time and money in both your vehicle and the gear you take with you when you head out into the wild. When it starts bouncing around on bumpy obstacles, it can get expensive fast. It can also get pretty jumbled. Plenty of off-roaders have had to do a full unpack looking for the right recovery gear on the side of the trail, or worse, got home to find out some equipment never made it back in the truck because they couldn’t see it was missing.

Customizing the Ford Bronco should include upgrades that give you a place for everything to be securely stored in your vehicle–easy to find when needed and out of harm’s way when not. Installing MOLLE panes from Built Right Industries is a smart way to step-up your storage game. These modular panels and easy to install and use, with gear secured where and as needed using a variety of straps, clamps, ties, and cords that are infinitely flexible in their application. 

Silver Ford Bronco on an offroad trail

Keep Your Off-Roading Lit

Lights are as popular in Ford Bronco aftermarket parts as they are for any other vehicle. Time flies when you’re having fun, which means it isn’t uncommon for the sun to be on its way down when you still have miles to go to get back to the road and head home. Lighting upgrades have long been a staple of off-road vehicles, and Baja Designs has been at the forefront, with light bars, LED lights, pods, and more that help cut the darkness so your vehicle can work and you can have some fun. 

The Bronco’s design features strong A-pillars that are perfect for mounting additional light. A light pod set-up featuring both driving/combo and wide beam cornering lights along with a bright spot makes the perfect addition to your build for general-purpose off-roading when visibility gets low. This A-pillar kit is easy to install, effective, and looks great on your sporty SUV. Whether you want to sling mud, see the trail ahead, or make it across the rocks in one piece, it’s a great place to start on your Ford Bronco light upgrades.

Bump Around

Swapping your bumper for an aftermarket Ford Bronco off-road bumper makes a lot of sense. The stock bumper isn’t bad, but it’s made for the road and highway. It’s meant to comply with safety rules for new vehicles, not help you maneuver off the road. Off-road bumpers are made to be stronger, take a beating while protecting your truck, mount lights and recovery parts, and give you better clearance of aggressive entry and exit from obstacles. 

Addictive Desert Designs makes some of the best-looking bumpers on the market, and they happen to be tough as nails too. Whether you need to keep it svelte and simple with a Stealth Fighter, rugged and ready with a Rock Fighter, or intend to blast the area with lights from a Bomber, there’s a look you’ll love and an added functionality you’ll be glad you have. Alongside rear bumpers, skid plates, and side wings that finish out your front and rear protection, they’re the perfect way to customize not just your vehicle’s performance off the road but also its entire appearance.

Build A Bronco That Won’t Be Broken

With the right parts, the Bronco is an off-roader's dream, giving them plenty of vehicle to handle anything the trail throws at them. We want to help you build it up to its potential. If you need help finding the right part, want more information, or run into a question you need an installation pro to answer, we’re ready to help. One of our off-road truck experts is by the phone days, nights, and weekends to get you and your Ford Bronco upgrades squared away. Get your Ford Bronco’s aftermarket parts from Offroad Alliance today.

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