Recovery Winches for Off-Road Trucks

When your off-road truck or SUV needs a recovery winch, you can’t afford to mess around. A truck winch gives you a powerful electric motor that’s anchored to a hard point on your vehicle and ready to pull. Whether you’re pulling yourself out of a jam or a buddy out of the mud, that motor has to be ready to work hard. Browse our selection of recovery winches for off-road trucks and don’t forget your winch mounts and accessories. When you’re ready to look at custom truck upgrades, remember to enter your vehicle information at the top of the page so we can help you find the parts that are designed for your make and model. 

Tough Off-Road Winches

When you have to pull your way out of a tight spot in the field, you need a winch with enough power to pull a heavy vehicle, that stores enough cable to give you a good reach, and works efficiently to get the job done without overheating or blowing out the electric motor. Truck winches are specialized pieces of equipment that need as much engineering and quality control as any other motor in your vehicle. We offer some of the top winches from the most trusted names in recovery so you know you can take care of yourself when a trip goes sideways. Whether you’re rigging for Rough Country, stepping up your recovery gear with SuperWinch, or getting ready to go to war with the terrain with Warn, if you need more information about any of our products or run into an installation issue, our pros are ready to help. There’s a truck enthusiast on staff and by the phone days, nights, and weekends to get you squared away. 

Get The Gear You Need

We’re proud to offer our customers the same parts we used for our own vehicles, backed by the experience of both years of installation and the tips and tricks you learn getting dirty off the road. We have the heavy-duty recovery winch you need, in stock and ready to ship. Order your recovery gear and accessories online from Offroad Alliance today.