Off-Road Shocks

When you get away from the asphalt, bumps get bigger and your off-road truck or SUV needs a good set of shocks and struts to dampen the motion of your vehicle for a more comfortable ride. Working in conjunction with your springs, off-road shocks absorb the impact of the wheels hitting the trail as you kick up dust, tear into the mud, and bounce over rocks that would tear up ordinary street vehicles. We’re ready to help you find the right parts for your vehicle. Enter your truck or SUV information at the top of the page to get pre-filtered results for your make and model, or opt for universal fit parts and choose the best part for your build.

Quality Shocks And Struts

Whether you’re overlanding or rock crawling, we have off-road struts that are ready for action. We work with the biggest brands in suspension to bring you the parts your vehicle needs. Each one is engineered for performance, manufactured from quality materials, and built to last. Protect your vehicle (and your backside) from damage while you push your truck or SUV to its limit out in the field. If you need more information, want help finding the right off-road shocks for your build, or just run into installation trouble and want some help, give us a call. One of our off-road pros is ready to take your call.

Order Your Suspension Parts Today

We have quality parts in stock at a fair price, ready to ship to your door. Make sure your suspension is ready to keep your ride smooth, your wheels on the ground, and you in complete control. Order your shocks and struts online from Offroad Alliance today.