Off-Road Tie Rods

If your tie rods aren’t ready for off-roading, you could find your day on the trail cut short on the wrong end of a tow strap. Your tie rod assembly attaches your steering gear to the wheels of your vehicle via the steering knuckles. When they start to go, it can leave you out of control, cause tire damage, or harm other suspension and steering components–all of which can get expensive fast. Browse our selection of tie rods or enter your vehicle information for model-specific parts pre-filtered for convenience. Make sure your off-road truck or SUV is ready to give you control, no matter the terrain.

Quality Steering Parts

Off-road tie rods are an essential part of your steering system that’s vital to control and proper wheel alignment. If you’re getting odd-tire wear, steering wheel wobble, or hearing strange sounds through turns, it’s time to consider replacing or upgrading your tie rod assembly. We have steering parts from the leading manufacturers to help you build out your customized off-road vehicle with quality parts that are engineered to perform and built to last. Call one of our pros if you need more information, are having trouble finding the right part for your build, or need some guidance for installation. We’re ready to help you out anytime.

From The Street To The Trail And Back Again

As avid off-roaders, we’ve seen what happens when a truck or SUV doesn’t have the suspension to tackle the task at hand. We want to make sure you’re prepared with the right part at a fair price from our US-based warehouses, with all the old-school customer service you need to get out of the garage and into some fun. Order your tie rods from Offroad Alliance today.