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SmartCap: Brand Review & Product Comparison

SmartCap: Brand Review & Product Comparison

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You’ll find a ton of SmartCap reviews online from off-road journalists, motorsports aficionados, and truck enthusiasts just like you. Most of them are positive, with many of them being glowing recommendations. That is because the SmartCap line are some of the best truck caps on the market, and it’s hard for another manufacturer to even get a foot in the door for that designation. So what makes these beauties the beast of their off-road accessory category? They have a mixture of durability, quality, and utility that is second to none.

A Rock-Solid History Of Off-Road Accessories

Rock Solid Industries started off in the South African garage of founder Mike Voss. While he started out making bed liners and commercial truck accessories for fleet use, it wasn’t long before his personal experience off-roading in the dusty, arid lands of South Africa led him to a game-changing innovation. Trucks were made out of steel, not fiberglass, so why were canopies made out of fiberglass and not steel?

In 2012 the first RSI SmartCanopy rolled off the line, and we were hooked. With aggressive lines and a toughness to match, it set the groundwork for a product lineup that enhances trucks and redefines what you can do with your vehicle’s bed. While the SmartCap may have been “Forged in Africa,” as the company touts, it has found an accepting home in garages, driveways, and dusty trails all across the United States.

Built Different

You can’t review a SmartCap without comparing it to its predecessors. We’ve all seen traditional truck canopies. One-piece fiberglass units with a molded body and small, fixed windows. A good dust storm could ding them up, and if it did get damaged on the trail, your options were an ugly fiberglass patch job, a professional repair that cost more than the shell, or a complete replacement. What makes the SmartCap one of the best truck caps on the market is how far behind it leaves all of that.

A quick review of the SmartCap’s lines also shows that they are in no way interested in keeping things svelte or low-key. SmartCaps are made of stainless steel, much like the body of the trucks they ride on. While light, the strength of the steel gives them the structural support for taller openings without sacrificing rugged durability. The aggressive lines and spacious dimensions make no bones about their hard-as-nails design. Even their canopies designed for commercial use come with plenty of attitude, which is nice to see if your play truck is also your work truck.

disassembled smartcap evo truck bed cap showing 5 piece design

They also use a modular design that splits the cap into 5 pieces that lock together tightly. While dust and moisture don’t penetrate the seals of these beasts, the modular design means that if you do damage a panel, you can replace or repair a single panel rather than the whole shell.

This modular philosophy continues inside the shell, with SmartCap offering bins, half-bins, kitchen set-ups, and plenty of cargo organization and rack options that let you fine-tune your bed for your outdoor adventures. If you’re looking for the best truck cap for off-road versatility, you can’t ignore the abundance of options SmartCap offers.

The Right Cap For Your Rig

Available in a range of sizes, you can find the best cap for your truck’s bed width and length easily. These caps are designed for easy installation, using OEM fitment so there is no need for drilling or other adaptations. The caps can be removed just as easily if you need to use your bed for hauling cargo. Enter your vehicle information at the top of our web page, and we’ll help you filter results to ensure you’re looking at the models that are available for your truck.

All the SmartCap models garner positive reviews for their construction, aesthetics, and generous dimensions, but there are a few other features they share. Large gull-wing doors give ample space to access your bed from either side for gear retrieval. Along with sealing agents that close up any gaps between the modular panels, a positive pressure vent keeps dust out without stale air lingering. The roof of the cap can support a generous 330 pounds while moving and a full 770 pounds while parked, and it has integrated roof rails for easier mounting of load bars and racks, making it perfect for raised tents or heavy gear. Finally, a sliding window allows for easy reach-through from the cab of your truck if desired.

SmartCap EVO Sport

The first of the family line, the EVO Sport model generated rave SmartCap reviews and set the tone for things to come. Designed for harsh environments, the EVO Sport offered a mix of durability and convenience melded with familiar cap features like windowed sides and a rear half-door. When combined with the modular storage accessories that could be installed behind the glass gullwing doors that were 17% larger than the industry standard, it showed the world you could expect more from an off-road canopy.

 Installed SmartCap EVO Sport on a red Ford truck

SmartCap EVOa Adventure

Installed SmartCap EVOa cap on a black Toyota truck

While the Sport changed the game, the EVOa Adventure raised the bar for rugged adventure caps. Double-walled steel gullwings replaced the framed glass of the EVO Sport to make a cap that is even more solid in any environmental conditions. An integral MOLLE system behind the gullwings helps you keep your gear stowed securely, but any of the SmartCap gullwing components can be added for further customization.

SmartCap EVOc Commercial

The tough jobs face environments that are just as harsh as those faced by off-roaders, and the EVOc Commercial is ready to put in work. Featuring the same double-walled doors as the EVOa, the EVOc foregoes the MOLLE panels and instead offers an optional steel rear-window security screen. This added security helps better protect expensive tools and equipment without compromising safety.

Installed SmartCap EVOc cap on a white Ford truck

The Best Truck Caps For Work And Play

The reviews are in and SmartCaps are a great choice for anyone who lives their life in the outdoors and wants a cap that can live it with them. It’s easy to see why they’ve become one of the most sought-after canopies on the market. We’re proud to offer a full line of SmartCap canopies and accessories, but they tend to go fast. While many components are in stock at our US-based warehouses, some caps may require shipping from the manufacturer. Thanks to our custom-built inventory system and a close relationship with RSI, you’ll know when pre-ordering the expected arrival date for any custom-ordered components.

Get your truck ready for the rough stuff with a cap that can handle it. Order your RSI SmartCap backed by old-school customer service from Offroad Alliance today. 

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