If you want superior performance from your off-road truck or SUV, you need the tuning parts that optimize your engine for more power. As you add performance components to your motor, the stock settings in your computer-controlled powertrain may not get the most out of your investment. Performance chip tuning optimizes your aftermarket components to deliver the power you need when and where you need it, without modifying emissions control devices. Enter your vehicle information for model-specific search results, or browse our universal selection of throttle boosters to find the right complement to your build. 

Get More From Your Powertrain

You’ve invested a lot of money in your off-road vehicle, so make sure you have the tuning parts to get the most out of your powertrain. With performance chip tuning systems from motorsports and off-road leaders, you’ll find the perfect system to optimize your build. Each one is engineered to give you the flexibility to get more from your build now and as you continue building into the future by tuning throttle response, fuel ratios, and more. If you need help finding the right throttle booster for your build, have any installation questions, or just need more details, our pros are ready to talk to you. Give them a call days, nights, or weekends to help give your truck the power it deserves.

Take Control Of Your Performance

We have the programmable tuning parts you need for a truly customized performance experience. They’re in stock, ready to ship, and backed by our old-school customer service. Optimize your off-road vehicle’s performance with quality parts from Offroad Alliance today.