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Top 3 Ford Raptor Gen 2 Mods

Top 3 Ford Raptor Gen 2 Mods

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Ford Raptor mods may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you get your truck home for the first time. After all, the Raptor has already been built to put other off-road trucks to shame straight from the factory. You don’t buy a truck like the Raptor, however, unless you want a vehicle you can push to its limits and that will push you right back. That’s where Raptor modifications come in. They help you elevate Dearborn’s finest pickup into a whole new level of beast.

The Spirit of the Raptor

Fast. Agile. An apex predator that elicits feelings of danger, excitement, and awe. All these and more come to mind when you look at Ford’s high-performance F-150 line–a personal favorite of ours. Even without modifications, the Ford Raptor offers plenty of power, ruggedness, and features to keep the average driver more than happy. You aren’t the average driver, and neither are we.

The idea behind Ford Raptor upgrades is to take the spirit that went into the truck's design, mix it with the off-road sports that get your motor running the hardest, and distill the result down to the perfect truck for you. Your modification can help you hit the mud harder, climb higher, and trek longer. With the right parts, equipment, and gear, there are no limits to what you can accomplish when you get off the road and into the rough stuff.

A Place To Start

We have thousands of Ford Raptor modification options in our inventory because the Raptor is such a versatile truck when it comes to off-roading. Thanks to our close relationship with some of the top brands, our US-based warehouses and installation shops offer you a massive selection. So where should you begin?

There are a few upgrades for your Raptor that fit in with most builds. As you get your ride dialed in, you may decide to take these further, adding more extensive mods, but here are a few recommendations we have to get you started:

Spring Perch Collars

 Ford Raptor with RPG Spring Perch Collars installed

The Gen 2 Raptor has an aggressive stance when it rolls off the factory floor, with a slight rake toward the front–common in many pickups–that gives it the appearance of preparing to pounce. Unfortunately, during hard braking, this can give you a nose-dive feeling and gives you a steeper angle of attack entering mud or water. On Gen 1 Raptors, the coilovers offered three notches for the collar that allowed for adjustment to level out the ride. The Gen 2 only gives you a single notch, but that just wasn’t good enough for RPG.

RPG Gen 2 Raptor Spring Perch Collars let you level out your truck’s height by offering a Ford Raptor mod that uses the single notch to give you 1.5” 2.25” or 3” of lift. The collars pre-load the springs, raising the front end of the vehicle without requiring further suspension modification. This improves front-end clearance, reduces the nose-dive from braking, gives you more space for larger tires, and provides the heavy support you need if you’re running a hard-working winch on your front bumper. Installation is easy, and most owners handy with a wrench will have the job done in just a few hours.

Rear Leaf Springs

Black Ford Raptor with ICON multi-rate rear leaf springs installed

The rear leaf springs on your truck are meant to take a beating. Nestled under your bed, these bundled strips of metal carry the weight of your cargo, shoulder the towing load, and keep your wheels on the ground when the trail gets bumpiest. Upgrading your Ford Raptor stock leaf springs gives you a better ride and more control over how aggressive you can be when pushing your truck to the next level.

The ICON Vehicle Dynamics Multi-Rate Rear Leaf Spring Kit is purpose-built for the pressures of off-roading. Built to be durable and versatile, these kits allow three separate adjustment levels to fine-tune your ride quality and improve cargo or towing capability. These kits also offer either a 1”, 2.25”, or 3.00” lift in ride height while unloaded to help you elevate your game. No bed removal is required, and this easy weekend project is a great way to improve performance and your Raptor’s predatory stance.

Bezel Bumper Light Kits

Triple Bezel Kit with Baja Designs lights installed on a Ford Raptor

There’s nothing like flipping a switch when the sun goes down and lighting up the trail so you can keep running. That’s why so many modified Ford Raptors are running some serious aftermarket lights. A bezel bumper light kit gives you a clean, finished appearance and the extra illumination you need for low-light or low-visibility driving conditions out in the field.

Our own Triple Bezel Kit with Baja Designs Lights is a popular choice at a great price. You get an OEM-level appearance with four RIGID cubes in your choice of light patterns and two KC Flexlights to finish out the package. The bezel is custom-designed to fit the package into your Raptor, and our 3DT Bezel Light Wiring Harness provides the cut-to-length electrical connections with quick connectors that make installation painless. Sundown doesn’t have to mean shut it down anymore.

Where Will Your Raptor Take You?

These Ford Raptor Mods are some of our most popular because they have such a wide range of applications. From overlanding to mudding and racing through the sand, you will get a lot of bang for your buck out of upgrading your Ford Raptor suspension and exterior lighting. However, that’s just the start of your journey. As you and your truck get into the fun kind of trouble, there is so much more you are going to want to do, and we’ll be here for it every step of the way.

Be Up For Anything

We’re truck enthusiasts ourselves, which is why we offer the parts and gear we use when we hit the trail. If you ever need more information about a project, need some installation help, or want some help finding the right part for your build, give us a call. One of our off-road pros is ready to point you in the right direction. Level up your Ford Raptor with modifications that mean business. Order your parts backed by old-school customer service from Offroad Alliance today.

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