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Top Off-Roading Upgrades for 2023

Top Off-Roading Upgrades for 2023

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It’s time to start planning for the off-road gear that’ll make 2023 more exciting with your sport truck or SUV. A lot of people mark the turning of the calendar with their own new beginnings in the form of resolutions, diets, and gym memberships. This year, resolve to evolve with off-road equipment that helps you push your driving skills to the test and take on bigger challenges once you get away from the asphalt. It’s more fun than cutting carbs, and you get a sweet ride that’s always up to get down and dirty in the process.

New Year, New Truck

Early in the new year is a great time to get ready to mod your truck. You’re past the expenses of the holidays, which means you can sit down and start to budget for the big-ticket items you had to put off. In addition, top manufacturers are rolling out new or improved product lines, giving you access to an ever-increasing selection of quality aftermarket parts for your vehicle. What better way to take a break from frozen fingers on muddy trails than sitting down to plan for a tougher build that meets the needs you found off-roading in the previous year?

For our list of top upgrades, we’re taking a look at some new gear that’s coming out as well as tried and true favorites that have proven themselves in the off-roading community. Every vehicle is at different points of the customization journey, so our list will focus not just on the extreme competition-level off-road gear for 2023 but also the sensible mods that a new truck owner or a truck owner newer to off-roading or modding will find helpful in taking their vehicle from basic to badass.


A lot goes into “performance” in the field, but here we’re talking about the off-road gear that gives you more ponies to power through the obstacles you encounter. Whether you’re into climbing rocks, slinging mud, or getting some air, you want off-road equipment that lets your truck do it.

Cold Air Intakes

Your internal combustion engine mixes fresh air with a spray of fuel that ignites under compression to drive the pistons and create power. Colder air is denser, and a new cold air intake gives your motor more, cooler air to work with. S&B Filters makes some of the top cold air intakes on the market, including their Ford Raptor and RAM TRX, that minimize air flow restriction for improved efficiency and more power with every stroke.

ORA Performance Package for Gen 2 Ford Raptor

ORA550 Performance Package

If you’re ready to make performance a priority on your Raptor, we’ve put together a package of components for the Gen. 2 Ford Raptor that deliver dyno-tested results. The Stage 2 upgrade kit features a COBB FMIC intercooler, COBB cold air intake, SCT tuner, and an autotune that improves efficiency and performance to deliver more torque and horsepower.


All that extra power won’t do a lot for you if you can’t keep traction over bumpy, sloppy, difficult terrain. Your suspension system supports your vehicle, plants your wheels, and absorbs the big impacts of drops and whoops as you wheel. When it comes to improving your suspension, you can’t go wrong with ICON Vehicle Dynamics.

For Newer Off-Roaders

Whether you’re new to off-roading or just want to get your second vehicle ready for some soft roading when the mood hits, there’s nothing wrong with keeping your upgrades small and focused. ICON’s Stage 1 kits provide a modest lift that lets you run larger wheels and tires while leveling the vehicle, along with better support and shock absorption than your stock components provide. As an example, the ICON Toyota Tacoma Stage 1 Suspension System gives improved front coilovers that offer extended travel and rear shocks that give you vehicle-specific valving for a more comfortable ride.

ICON Stage 4 Suspension System for Gen 2 Raptor

Play Dirty

On the other end of the spectrum, even Ford’s off-road super-truck, the Raptor, can benefit from off-road gear upgrades. The Stage 4 Suspension System offers bumper-to-bumper improvements with adjustable coilovers and shocks, upper control arms, leaf springs, and bump stops to take this already amazing vehicle to the next level. The result is extended travel, better control through maneuvers, energy dampening you can tailor to the trail, and reduced rear-end kick.


Aftermarket lighting can help you keep the fun going when the sun goes down, help you see more on trails far away from the nearest street light, and improve your visibility to other vehicles. Lighting has also become an iconic part of building a customized off-road vehicle.

Baja Designs Light Pods and Light Bars

You can’t talk about off-road lighting upgrades without mentioning Baja Designs. One of the most innovative manufacturers in lighting, they’ve led the way in bright, efficient, and versatile LED lighting, including their state-of-the-art LP6 light pods. They’re available with a range of optic lenses that let you design a lighting plan to meet your off-roading needs. You can mount them singly, in pairs, or use them to create custom lighting that lets you do more with your off-road truck or SUV.

ORA Triple Bezel Fog Light Kit installed on a Ford Raptor

Custom Raptor Fog Lights

One of the catalysts for the creation of Offroad Alliance was the need for quality parts at a fair price for our favorite pickup, the Ford Raptor. Our triple-bezel fog light kit gives you the aftermarket fog lights you need, powered by Baja Designs Squadron Lights, with a polished, professional-grade look that leaves your Raptor looking amazing. The kit comes with everything you need–mounts, bulbs, and hardware–to finish out your truck’s customization in style.


Whether your off-road vehicle has to work hard or you like to play hard, you’ll need gear, equipment, tools, and accessories to get the dirty work done. Aftermarket cargo upgrades help you carry more and keep it organized in your vehicle.

MOLLE Panels

One of the most cost-effective cargo management upgrades is to install custom MOdular Lightweight Load-bearing Equipment (MOLLE) panels. Versatile racks that can be used to organize, secure, and hold equipment of all shapes and sizes, these panels come in both universal designs and vehicle-specific panels that are engineered to fit like a glove. You can build your vehicle with a custom cargo management plan that meets your specific needs.

SmartCap EVOa Adventure

The SmartCap EVO line of truck caps is built to withstand the grueling climate of African Deserts with a modular stainless steel design and premium features that give you a safe cargo space for all your gear. The SmartCap EVOa Adventure is the most cost-effective cap in their line. The extra-large steel gullwings give you unparalleled access to the bed of the cab, and the Adventure is compatible with the full range of Smart Components that add to the capabilities of your cap to help you level up your off-road lifestyle.


Part of building for success means making sure you have the off-road gear that gets you back on the trail when things don’t go according to plan. Recovery gear helps you get others or yourself out of trouble when you’re miles away from home.

ARB Air Compressor

The ARB Twin Compressor Kit gives you a powerful electric air compressor that is ready to air up flats or restore air pressure to wheels you’ve aired down for better off-road traction. This powerful compressor will also power most air tools for fast repairs when emergencies happen. It’s a versatile tool that makes your off-roading life easier.

WARN ZEON 12-S Winch

Warn Winches

The Warn ZEON Platinum Series of winches gives you a powerful vehicle-mounted recovery tool to pull yourself or another off-roader out of trouble. The flagship ZEON 12-S features a remote control for easy use, an automatic clutch system, and comes with Spydura Pro synthetic rope and powder-coated aluminum hawse fairlead. It’s ready for strong pulls that will get you back to wheeling fast. 


Your off-road vehicle is the perfect platform for camping fun. Whether you’re looking for a weekend getaway or planning a weeks-long excursion, you can get off-road gear that makes it a home away from home.

James Baroud Frontier Odyssey rooftop tent installed

James Baroud Frontier Odyssey

The James Baroud Frontier Odyssey gives you a rooftop tent that’s ready to give you comfort in the wild. The hardshell design offers durable protection for your tent while remaining lightweight for easy one-person set-up. There’s a full 360-degree view, plenty of space for a comfortable stay, and features like solar-powered vents, a memory foam mattress, and a flash/tent light that make the longest stays more enjoyable for you and any guests. 

iKamper Disco

The iKamper Disco modular kitchen system takes inspiration from the Discada of the Southwestern United States to provide a versatile cooking tool for your campsite. Featuring a state-of-the-art non-stick skillet, a tripod base that doubles as camp irons, and an isobutane/propane cooker that mounts on the tripod or a tabletop, you can build your kitchen to put out better cuisine–breakfast, lunch, or dinner. The whole system is easy to use, cleans up quickly, and folds down into a small package to preserve your cargo space.

Service You Can Count On

We do more than just sell the top parts from leading brands in performance off-roading. Our company is made up of experienced off-roaders who want to help you build your own custom vehicle for a better experience. There’s a specialist by the phone days, nights, and weekends if you need additional information about parts, help to select the components for your build, or need installation advice for your off-road equipment. Give us a call anytime you need old-school service. Order your off-road gear and start 2023 right with Offroad Alliance.

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